Ivana P. Timotijević

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BACKGROUND Although serotonin reuptake inhibitors are effective in panic disorder, questions concerning whether doses associated with antidepressant efficacy are also effective for panic disorder remain. AIMS To assess the efficacy of the usual antidepressant dose of fluoxetine in treating full panic attacks. METHOD Patients with panic disorder were(More)
Clozapine, as the model agent for the atypical antipsychotic drugs, is currently recommended as effective regarding negative symptoms of schizophrenia and treatment-resistant schizophrenic patients. This study focuses on the clozapine-induced side-effects in 100 hospitalized schizophrenic patients (negative and therapy-resistant forms), followed-up for a(More)
The last 50 years of researches of biochemism and the CNS functionality are intensively engaged in studying the role of monoamine neurotramsmitter serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamin) (5-HT). The serotonergic receptors function depends on spot where the receptor function, the dynamic relationship with other transmitters and stimulation that can activate or(More)
The influence of lithium on fluvoxamine therapeutic efficacy, plasma concentrations and pharmacokinetics was studied in 12 depressed inpatients. Six patients were on fluvoxamine monotherapy and six were on combined fluvoxamine-lithium therapy. The treatment response was determined using 17-item Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression. Blood samples were(More)
SUMMARY Aff ective spectrum disorders include mood and anxiety disorders, whereas the term functional somatic syndromes describes disorders in which the main symptom is chronic pain, with no pathognomonic tissue damage, such as fi bromyalgia, irritable colon, tension headache. Pain as a symptom is often present in patients with depression and anxiety, and(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Bipolar affective disorder is mental disorder with polygenic type of heredity. Heritability--relation between genetic and environmental variance is used to estimate the level of influence of genetic variance to phenotype variance. Study results show decreasing trend in the value of heritability of bipolar affective disorder, thus indicating(More)
Twenty-six in-patients treated for schizophrenia, were divided in two groups. The first group received haloperidol, 20-40 mg p.d., and the second, clozapine, 150-250 mg p.d. TRH-TSH test was performed by injecting 0.2 mg TRH. Four drug-free schizophrenic patients gave normal TSH response to TRH, as well as the group of patients treated with haloperidol.(More)
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