Ivana Ognjanovic

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In reality, many of the stakeholders' decisions about their desirable requirements can be dependent on other internal or external factors. Such dependencies entail conditionality between the requirements that have been defined, e.g., a requirement is desirable for the stakeholders only if a certain condition is met or some other requirements are excluded.(More)
—Business process families provide an over-arching representation of the possible business processes of a target domain. They are defined by capturing the similarities and differences among the possible business processes of the target domain. To realize a business process family into a concrete business process model, the variability points of the business(More)
Quintessence is based on the five elements that, according to the alchemists, make up the world: fire, water, earth, air, and the mythical substance aether. Aristotle included it as a fifth element distinct from the other four. It is believed to be the substance that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere and forms the heavenly bodies.
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