Ivana Loncarevic

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Active transport is essential for cellular function, while impaired transport has been linked to diseases such as neuronal degeneration. Much long distance transport in cells uses opposite polarity molecular motors of the kinesin and dynein families to move cargos along microtubules. It is clear that many types of cargo are moved by both sets of motors, and(More)
We consider the impact of the effective gravitational acceleration on microstructural properties of granular packings through experimental studies of spherical granular materials saturated within fluids of varying density. We characterize the local organization of spheres in terms of contact connectivity, distribution of the Delaunay free volumes, and the(More)
Kinetics of the deposition process of k -mers in the presence of desorption or/and diffusional relaxation of particles is studied by Monte Carlo method on a one-dimensional lattice. For reversible deposition of k-mers, we find that after the initial "jamming," a stretched exponential growth of the coverage theta(t) toward the steady-state value theta(eq)(More)
Random sequential adsorption of binary mixtures of extended objects on a two-dimensional triangular lattice is studied numerically by means of Monte Carlo simulations. The depositing objects are formed by self-avoiding random walks on the lattice. We concentrate here on the influence of the symmetry properties of the shapes on the kinetics of the deposition(More)
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