Ivana Kurcová

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During an outbreak of methanol poisonings in the Czech Republic in 2012, we were able to study methanol and formate elimination half-lives during intermittent hemodialysis (IHD) and continuous veno-venous hemodialysis/hemodiafiltration (CVVHD/HDF) and the relative impact of dialysate and blood flow rates on elimination. Data were obtained from 11 IHD and 13(More)
Methanol poisoning leads to lesions in the basal ganglia and subcortical white matter, as well as to demyelination and atrophy of the optic nerve. However, information regarding cognitive deficits in a large methanol sample is lacking. The principal aim of the present study was to identify the cognitive sequelae of methanol poisoning and their morphological(More)
INTRODUCTION Smoking is associated with a higher incidence of post-lung transplantation complications and mortality. Prior to inclusion on the lung transplant waiting list in the Czech Republic, patients are supposed to be tobacco free for at least 6 months. Our aim was to determine the prevalence of smoking, validated by urinary cotinine, among patients(More)
OBJECTIVE During the 2012 outbreak of mass methanol poisonings in the Czech Republic, ethanol, in the main, was used as an antidote. The complex pharmacokinetics of ethanol made it difficult to maintain the requisite 1000-1500 mg/L serum ethanol levels (S-EtOH). The aim of this study was to measure the fluctuations in S-EtOH during the treatment. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES Paracetamol overdose belongs to frequent calls to Toxicological Information Centre (TIC) in the Czech Republic and to the National Toxicological Information Centre (NTIC) in Slovakia. The aim of the study was to evaluate outcomes and side effects of paracetamol overdose in both countries. METHODS Data concerning paracetamol poisoning extracted(More)
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