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UNLABELLED Alcohol consumption is a worldwide spread phenomenon influence of which on a human organism may even be fatal. Consequences of alcoholism are not only medical but also social and economical. The basic principles of alcohol dependence development remain still unclear. Submitted article offers a short review of alcohols effects mechanisms and its(More)
UNLABELLED It is a well-known fact that after drinking the same amount of alcohol, women show more signs of the effects of alcohol than men of the same weight. It seems that the main factors responsible for sex differences in alcohol metabolism and influence are the relatively lower amount of body water related to body fat in women than men and lower(More)
UNLABELLED Motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable road participants who are exposed to severe, often fatal injuries. Relative to four - wheeled vehicles, motorcycle pose a greater hazard of death or serious injury to operators and passengers. In fatal crashes, the motorcyclist typically collides with moving or stationary objects in the riding environment.(More)
The countrys current social and political situation is always reflected in the character of crime through specific laws and encoded rules in the country. This relationship is evident especially in historical turning points - events marking radical changes of the social regime. During the years following 1989, an increase in crime was noticed in the Slovak(More)
UNLABELLED Ethanol is the main psychoactive ingredient of alcoholic beverages. Together with water it makes their major part. The other substances contained in alcoholic beverages are called congeners. Some of them come from the original substance of the beverage, some come from the fermentation or mellowing process. Except giving the drink its specific(More)
The article analyses death cases with detected blood alcohol level ≥2 g/kg. Their contribution to general mortality is calculated. Death cases from 2005 to 2012 with detected blood alcohol concentration ≥2 g/kg (975 cases) were selected from autopsy records at the Department of Forensic Medicine and Medical Expertises of the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in(More)
UNLABELLED Alcohol accounts for a great amount of deaths per year either due to the acute intoxication or due to the secondary impacts of acute or chronic alcoholism. Commonly, in large amount of such fatal cases blood alcohol concentration is low or absent and fatty liver disease is frequently the only pathological finding detected at the autopsy of(More)
The study of cases with post mortem blood ethanol concentration of 2.00 g/kg and higher was performed at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Martin, covering the region of North Slovakia. The aim of the study was to quantify the fatal consequences of acute ethanol administration reflecting in the annual mortality range, establish the causes of death, age(More)
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