Ivana Kolic

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INTRODUCTION The NEWS is a physiological score, which prescribes an appropriate response for the deteriorating patient in need of urgent medical care. However, it has been suggested that compliance with early warning scoring systems for identifying patient deterioration may vary out of hours. We aimed to (1) assess the scoring accuracy and the adequacy of(More)
The genetic cause of most congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT) cases remains unknown, therefore the novel approaches in searching for the common disease denominators are required. miRs regulate gene expression in humans and therefore have potentially therapeutic and biomarker properties. No studies thus far have attempted to explore(More)
The field of robotic surgery is rapidly advancing both in terms of the surgical procedures performed and the potential applications of this technology. This survey study attempts to evaluate the opinions of the public regarding a number of issues in robotic surgery. A web-based survey study was constructed using the web-based software "Kwiksurveys". This(More)
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