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BACKGROUND The St. Gallen International Expert Consensus of 2011 proposes a new classification system for breast cancer based on its division into five subgroups. The criteria to identify these subtypes were recently refined at the 2013 Conference. In this respect, the authors of this paper have conducted a retrospective analysis of breast cancer subtypes,(More)
Primary malignant lymphoma of the breast is a rare tumor, defined as a tumor localized in the breast with or without axillary lymph-node metastases. Such a tumor is mainly found in female patients and located more frequently in the right breast. It is difficult to make primary breast lymphoma (PBL) diagnosis before operation, and PBL diagnosis is mainly(More)
PURPOSE This article examines as to whether the Ki-67 index may be useful as a marker for cell proliferation, as well as to whether Ki-67 immunohistochemical expression and parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels are useful in distinguishing between parathyroid carcinoma (PC) and adenoma. METHODS A retrospective analysis of 50 patients (10 with PC and 40 with(More)
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