Ivana Chingovska

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Spoofing attacks are one of the security traits that biometric recognition systems are proven to be vulnerable to. When spoofed, a biometric recognition system is bypassed by presenting a copy of the biometric evidence of a valid user. Among all biometric modalities, spoofing a face recognition system is particularly easy to perform: all that is needed is a(More)
Besides the recognition task, today's biometric systems need to cope with additional problem: spoofing attacks. Up to date, academic research considers spoofing as a binary classification problem: systems are trained to discriminate between real accesses and attacks. However, spoofing counter-measures are not designated to operate stand-alone, but as a part(More)
While more accurate and reliable than ever, the trustworthiness of biometric verification systems is compromised by the emergence of spoofing attacks. Responding to this threat, numerous research publications address isolated spoofing detection, resulting in efficient counter-measures for many biometric modes. However, an important, but often overlooked(More)
With biometrics playing the role of a password which cannot be replaced if stolen, the necessity of establishing counter-measures to biometric spoofing attacks has been recognized. Regardless of the biometric mode, the typical approach of antispoofing systems is to classify the biometric evidence based on features discriminating between real accesses and(More)
As a crucial security problem, anti-spoofing in biometrics, and particularly for the face modality, has achieved great progress in the recent years. Still, new threats arrive in form of better, more realistic and more sophisticated spoofing attacks. The objective of the 2nd Competition on Counter Measures to 2D Face Spoofing Attacks is to challenge(More)
The need for automation of the identity recognition process for a vast number of applications resulted in great advancement of biometric systems in the recent years. Yet, many studies indicate that these systems suffer from vulnerabilities to spoofing (presentation) attacks: a weakness that may compromise their usage in many cases. Face verification systems(More)
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