Ivan Z. Zupunski

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A stochastic instrument for true RMS measurement in the low-frequency range is presented. Variable accuracy is achieved by varying the measuring time of the instrument. Inaccuracy of 0.1% of full scale is demonstrated. A complete theory of operation of the instrument is developed and the explicit dependence of measurement error on the measured signal shape(More)
− The paper presents a stochastic sampling method applied to a measurement of the mean value of the product of two arbitrary signals. This method is especially convenient for measuring electric power, electric energy consumption, as well as root-mean-square of voltage and/or current. The method features a very simple hardware and the possibility of(More)
Digital stochastic measurement method implementation is considered from signal stationarity point of view. It is shown how conceptual block diagram for digital stochastic measurement of one Fourier coefficient can be simplified and used for developing conceptual block diagram for measuring predefined set of signal harmonics. Hardware of digital stochastic(More)
People are continually exposed to ionizing radiation from natural sources like radionuclide <sup>40</sup>K. Simulation of radiation transport processes, from source in environment to organism, enables dose estimations which can be related to certain stochastic or deterministic effects. Purpose of this study was to estimate absorbed dose rate in air using(More)
In this paper a few methods of how to use frequency counter in time-domain frequency stability analysis are described. Three implemented methods are presented. As an experiment, a comparison of the realized methods in the Technical Test Center (TOC) and the “references” obtained in the Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals (DMDM) in Belgrade are(More)
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