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INTRODUCTION Aircraft cluster bombs can cause severe fractures characterized by extensive destruction of affected tissues and organs. CASE OUTLINE We present the methods and results of treatment of multiple fractures (left supracondilar humeral fracture, comminuted fracture of the distal right tibia, fracture of right trochanter major without dislocation(More)
Computers have become more and more involved in diagnosis, planning and surveillance of therapy in both medicine and dentistry. They are increasingly becoming an integral part of researches in dentistry and we are obliged to get the best insight possible into their function and their capabilities in order to make the best possible use of their capacity. In(More)
INTRODUCTION Injuries caused by aircraft bombs cause severe damages to the human body. They are characterized by massive destruction of injured tissues and organs, primary contamination by polymorph bacterial flora and modified reactivity of the body. Upon being wounded by aircraft bombs projectiles a victim simultaneously sustains severe damages of many(More)
INTRODUCTION Open segmental fractures of the tibia are rare but severe injuries. In these fractures the wide zone of injury (damage of all structures of the lower leg) creates very unsuitable biological conditions for healing of the fracture. OBJECTIVE The aim of our work was to present the results of treatment of patients with segmental open fractures of(More)
INTRODUCTION Tibia fracture caused by high velocity missiles is mostly comminuted and followed by bone defect which makes their healing process extremely difficult and prone to numerous complications. CASE OUTLINE A 34-year-old male was wounded at close range by a semi-automatic gun missile. He was wounded in the distal area of the left tibia and suffered(More)
INTRODUCTION The missiles of modern firearms can cause severe fractures of the extremity. High velocity missile fractures of the tibia are characterized by massive tissue destruction and primary contamination with polymorphic bacteria. Treatment of these fractures is often complicated by delayed healing, poor position healing, nonhealing and bone tissue(More)
INTRODUCTION Shooting injuries of shoulder with destruction of proximal humerus are rare and severe orthopaedic injuries. CASE OUTLINE A 74-year-old patient was wounded at close range by a shotgun. He was wounded in the left shoulder and suffered a massive defect of the proximal humerus and soft tissue. The neurocirculatory finding of the injury extremity(More)
The authors are discussing the advantages of the laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy over the traditional vaginal method, comparing two groups of patients operated in both techniques. In 30 patients from the first group the traditional vaginal hysterectomy have been performed as part of the operation needed in order to change their sex. 20(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Besides the conquasant fractures, open tibia shaft fractures belong to the group of the most severe fractures of tibia. Open tibia shaft fracture is one of the most common open fractures of long bones. They most frequently occur as a result of traffic accidents caused by the influence of a strong direct force. METHODS Within the period from(More)