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The paper deals with the analysis of the snake rectilinear motion and from both the biological and the engineering points of view. The bionics knowledge enables more detailed insight to the problematic of the snake locomotion applicable at the design of the robotic snakes. The paper shows the analysis of the simplified model of the snake performed for(More)
The paper deals with a rectilinear motion of a snake-like robot. At first the various kinds of friction models are discussed and then the mathematical model of rectilinear snake-like robot locomotion is established. Considering the isotropic Coulomb´s friction model the average velocity of N-mass system is derived. Further the average velocity(More)
This paper deals with an obstacle aided locomotion of snake-like robot, which is the actual problem in the field of mechatronics. Because of many snakes using this kind of locomotion, the first step and hereby the most important is a kinematic analysis. The Denavit-Hartenberg convention was applied for this purpose. By this method the position vector(More)
The research field of the snake robots provides a large scale of new information. The snake robots locomotion in pipes represents one of many complicated problems attracting the attention only in recent time period. During this study an experimental environment was designed corresponding to the pipe of U shaped cross section. This article describes a new(More)
The paper concerns to area of in-pipe locomotion. Traditional conceptions of in-pipe machines tend to wheels slipping or self-blocking. Several design stages of improved in-pipe machine are shown. Design of in-pipe machine coming from conception of computer controlled electromechanical device. Final design solution will be able to locomote inside pipe with(More)
The paper deals with rectilinear motion of snake robot. In the paper the dynamic model of snake robot rectilinear motion is derived and subsequently analyzed. Besides the mathematical model the simulation model in Matlab / SimMechanics is done. Both mathematical and simulation model are compared in order to shown differences concerning to displacement of(More)
Ľ. Miková, S. Medvecká-Beňová, M. Kelemen, F. Trebuňa, I. Virgala, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia This paper deals w ith actuators based on shape memory alloys. The testing device has been developed for experimental verification of shape memory alloy actuator testing. Static characteristic shows the hysteresis of(More)
Ľ. Miková, M. Kelemen, F. Trebuňa, I. Virgala,, S. MedveckáBeňová, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Košice, Slovakia This paper deals with piezoelectric material, which can be used as actuator for conversion of electrical energy to mechanical work. Test equipment has been developed for experimental testing of the piezoactuators.(More)
This work deals with the determination of static characteristics of electromagnetic actuator. Electromagnetic actuator is designed as drive for rectilinear locomotion structure parts of snake-like robot. Static characteristics are determined by the solving of a non-linear problem of the actuator's magnetic circuit in a ferromagnetic core's particular(More)
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