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The recently reported finding that plant matter and living plants produce significant amounts of the important greenhouse gas methane under aerobic conditions has led to an intense scientific and public controversy. Whereas some studies question the upscaling method that was used to estimate the global source strength, others have sug5 gested that(More)
* The observation that plants produce methane (CH4) under aerobic conditions has caused considerable controversy among the scientific community and the general public. It led to much discussion and debate not only about its contribution to the global CH4 budget but also about the authenticity of the observation itself. Previous results suggested that(More)
Almost a decade after methane was first reported in the atmosphere of Mars there is an intensive discussion about both the reliability of the observations--particularly the suggested seasonal and latitudinal variations--and the sources of methane on Mars. Given that the lifetime of methane in the Martian atmosphere is limited, a process on or below the(More)
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