Ivan Valdivia

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Although the expectancies component of the Comprehensive Effects of Alcohol Questionnaire has previously been shown to be factorially valid, the factor structure of its valuations component has not previously been examined. The aims of this paper were: (i) to replicate the factor structure of the expectancies items; (ii) to explore the factor structure of(More)
OBJECTIVE This prospective, case control study evaluates quality of life (QOL), depressive affect, and memory outcomes of epilepsy patients implanted with a vagus nerve stimulator (VNS). METHODS Three groups of patients with epilepsy underwent assessment on two occasions: 1) patients with a VNS were tested before and 12 months after implantation (n = 16);(More)
Three different hybridoma clones secreting anti-HBsAg antibody were constructed by fusing cells of mouse myeloma line Ag8-X63 with splenocytes from BALB/c mice immunized with recombinant HBsAg and natural HBV. The monoclonal antibodies obtained were characterized immunologically, and two were used to develop UMELISA for detection of HBsAg. This monoclonal(More)
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