Ivan V Trubitsyn

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Capacity of Thiothrix species (T. lacustris strains AS and BLT, T. caldifontis G1T, T. unzii A1T, and T. eikelboomii AR3T) for anaerobic respiration in the presence of nitrate was discovered. The dynamics of nitrate reduction to nitrite was studied and the coupling of this process to thiosulfate oxidation was shown. The investigated Thiothrix(More)
Filamentous sulfur bacteria of the genus Thiothrix are able to respire nitrate (NO3-→NO2-) under anaerobic growth. Here, Thiothrix caldifontis (G1(T), G3), Thiothrix unzii (A1(T), TN) and Thiothrix lacustris AS were shown to be capable of further reduction of nitrite and/or nitrous oxides (denitrification). In particular, in the genomes of these strains,(More)
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