Ivan Tacic

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This paper describes the implementation of RTI-Kit, a modular software package to realize runtime infrastructure (RTI) software for distributed simulations such as those for the High Level Architecture. RTI-Kit software spans a wide variety of computing platforms, ranging from tightly coupled machines such as shared memory multiprocessors and cluster(More)
A considerable amount of effort in the DIS community has been devoted to developing efficient, scaleable, mechanisms for distributing state updates and interaction information in distributed simulations. By contrast, this question has not received as much attention for distributed simulations using logical time (e.g., analytic simulations). It is observed(More)
The advent of gigabit network technologies has made it possible to combine sets of uni-and multiprocessor workstations into a distributed, massively-parallel computer system. Middleware, such as distributed shared objects (DSO), attempts to improve programmability of such systems, by providing globally accessible 'object' abstractions. Early research on(More)
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