Ivan Stoianov

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US water utilities are faced with mounting operational and maintenance costs as a result of aging pipeline infrastructures. Leaks and ruptures in water supply pipelines and blockages and overflow events in sewer collectors cost millions of dollars a year, and monitoring and repairing this underground infrastructure presents a severe challenge. In this(More)
This paper presents, for the first time, experimental results demonstrating a new approach to increasing the power output of piezoelectric energy harvesters by applying a bias charge at the beginning of each half cycle of motion. Ultimate power limits of inertial energy harvesters depend only on the device size and nature of the excitation, rather than on(More)
Monitoring the quality of drinking water from the treatment plant to the consumers tap is critical to ensure compliance with national standards and/or WHO guideline levels. There are a number of processes and factors affecting the water quality during transmission and distribution which are little understood. A significant obstacle for gaining a detailed(More)
Wireless sensor networks are deployed to monitor real-world phenomena, and are seeing growing demand in commerce and industry. These networks can benefit from time synchronized clocks on distributed nodes. The precision of time synchronization depends on error elimination or reliable estimation of errors associated with synchronization message delays. This(More)
Null space Newton algorithms are efficient in solving the nonlinear equations arising in hydraulic analysis of water distribution networks. In this article, we propose and evaluate an inexact Newton method that relies on partial updates of the network pipes’ frictional headloss computations to solve the linear systems more efficiently and with numerical(More)