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The power extracted from PV arrays is usually maximized using maximum power point tracking algorithms. One of the most widely used techniques is the perturb & observe algorithm, which periodically perturbs the operating point of the PV array, sometime with an adaptive perturbation step, and compares the PV power before and after the perturbation. This paper(More)
With reference to light railways transportation systems, in the paper a comparison is carried out between vehicles equipped with either Induction Motor Drive or Permanent Magnet Brushless Motor Drive. The attention is particularly focused on energetic performance, in term of losses and efficiency. The main characteristics of the traction units of the two(More)
We report the case of a 72 year-old woman who developed acute polyradiculoneuritis 7 days after a series of 4 blood transfusion. While blood transfusion is not listed as an antedecent event of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), GBS following surgical procedures is well known. In the present case the close temporal relationship and the absence of all factors(More)
The article discusses the proposal, specifications and overall performance of a 10 kW electric power range extender suitable for electric plug-in and series hybrid vehicles, based on a single cylinder, four stroke internal combustion engine, derived from a motorcycle engine, modified and developed at Istituto Motori CNR of Italy, coupled with a PM(More)
With reference to a strong variable parameters AC brushless machine, the paper deals with an online method of fault detection for closed loop controlled PMSM. The proposed technique exploits the monitoring of the motor d,q axes inductances via a Recursive Least Square Algorithm (RLS). The motor parameters, which have been pre-mapped with reference to the(More)
Typical operating conditions of permanent magnet synchronous motors correspond to nonlinear relationships between fluxes and currents. The determination of equivalent motor parameters is a non trivial task and can be critical for the design of motor controllers, which is typically based on a mathematical model. In this paper an experimental method to(More)