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We obtain classification of the irreducible bimodules over the Jordan superalgebra Kan(n), the Kantor double of the Grassmann Poisson superalgebra G n on n odd generators, for all n ≥ 2 and an algebraically closed field of characteristic = 2. This generalizes the corresponding result of C.Martínez and E.Zelmanov announced in [MZ2] for n > 4 and a field of(More)
Recently J.A.Anquela, T.Cortés, and H.Petersson [2] proved that for elements x, y in a non-degenerate Jordan algebra J, the relation x • y = 0 implies that the U-operators of x and y commute: U x U y = U y U x. We show that the result may be not true without the assumption on non-degeneracity of J. We give also a more simple proof of the mentioned result in(More)
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