Ivan Sergienko

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New results are presented concerning binary correcting codes, such as deletion-correcting codes, transposition-correction codes, and codes for the Z-channel. These codes are important due to the possibility of packet loss and corruption on internet transmissions. It is known that the problem of finding the largest correcting codes can be reduced to a(More)
Some of the fundamental problems in coding theory can be formulated as extremal graph problems. Finding estimates of the size of correcting codes is important from both theoretical and practical perspectives. We solve the problem of finding the largest correcting codes using previously developed algorithms for optimization problems in graphs. We report new(More)
We examine the superconducting gap nodes in crystals with tetrahedral (T h) symmetry. The (0, 0, 1) phase of the three dimensional order parameter in the triplet channel has nodes in the [001] directions. Following a second order phase transition to the state (0, i|η2|, |η1|), each node lifts away from the Fermi surface and splits into two deep dips. We(More)
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