Ivan S. Chekman

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Current studies, dedicated to metallic (gold, silver, iron, and copper) nanomaterials are reviewed in this paper. This metals own unique physical and chemical properties which determine their application. The medical application of metallic nanomaterials includes therapy and prophylaxis of diseases, development of new drugs and improvement of conventional(More)
The literature data and own investigations of the use of the nanotechnologies in medicine have been analyzed in the article. First investigations in the field of nanotechnology made the basis of new decisions in medicine, pharmacology, gene engineering and robot technology. Miniaturisation defines new chemical, physical and biological characteristics of(More)
A summary of the published literature is presented together with findings from the author's investigations designed to study clinical-and-pharmacological properties of organic nitrates. The history is written up of discovery of a therapeutic effect of organic nitrates, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics are described, indications for administration thereof(More)
For the first time, all aspects of the investigation of natural and transformed cardiosteroids (cardiac glycosides and aglycones, cardenolides and bufadienolides), and their applications in medicine, are presented together in one book, making this 687-page edition unique in its field. The monograph consists of two parts. The first contains comprehensive(More)
Trasicor (oxprenolol) was introduced intraperitoneally to mongrel albino rats of 4 age groups (7, 14, 30 days old and adults) in single effective and resistance doses, following which the ATP, ADP, AMP and NP content in the renal tissue homogenates was determined. At early stages of postnatal ontogenesis the animals are shown to be less sensitive to the(More)
Literature and research data concerning natural nanotechnology in living systems is summarized in this article. Over millions of years, nature has evolved complex processes controlling the functioning of living organisms. Using the principles of nature to create new tools and technologies is the current direction in the development of "smart" materials and(More)