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Surveillance for influenza A viruses in wild birds has increased substantially as part of efforts to control the global movement of highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N1) virus. Studies conducted in Egypt from 2003 to 2007 to monitor birds for H5N1 identified multiple subtypes of low pathogenicity avian influenza A viruses isolated primarily from(More)
Studies were carried out with regard to the diagnosis of intestinal echinococcosis in dogs as the definitive host when still alive, under field conditions. Effective worming and macrohelminthoscopy in such conditions resulted in 52.36 per cent effect. The value found for the average percent of the overall effect of treatment was close to the real values(More)
The article is devoted to the review of modern opinions concerning the experience of military operation medical support in conditions of local wars and military conflicts. On the base of analysis of medical assistance rendered to the wounded and casualties in Republic of Chechnya the advantages and defects of different approaches are discussed. The(More)
The nowdays all possible damages and diseases by the staff during a war, are systematized in a special classification of combat damages and diseases, which is based on effect of main damage factors of weapon. Analyzing existent classification and determination "sanitarium casualty", it should be pointed out that they were formed more than 50 years ago, and(More)
During the period of reformation and decrease in the number of Russian Federation Armed Forces as well as the medical service the use of existing infrastructure of military district medical service and formation of Stationery Hospital Base (SHB) is an alternative to organization of treatment-and-evacuation measures in the armed conflicts and local wars.(More)
Studies were carried out on echinococcosis in animals, making use of the results obtained with investigations carried out throughout this country. A great number of definitive and intermediate hosts were studied. A considerable drop of the percent of infected animals was recorded over the 1966-1984 period both with the definitive and the intermediate hosts.(More)
The current article positions the combined burn and non-burn injuries in the general array of civilian and combat burns. For that purpose the official state statistics and scientific medical publications, domestic as well as foreign, have been analyzed. It has been shown that in peace time the combined burn/trauma injuries are infrequent. But the same type(More)