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Electron-nuclei coupling accompanying excitation and relaxation processes is a fascinating phenomenon in molecular dynamics. A striking and unexpected example of such coupling is presented here in the context of photoelectron circular dichroism measurements on randomly oriented, chiral methyloxirane molecules, unaffected by any continuum resonance. Here, we(More)
Limonene is ionized by circularly polarized 420 nm femtosecond laser pulses. Ion mass and photoelectron energy spectra identify the dominant (2 + 1) multiphoton ionization mechanism, aided by TDDFT calculations of the Rydberg excitations. Photoelectron circular dichroism measurements on pure enantiomers reveal a chiral asymmetry of ±4 %.
Simultaneous, enantiomer-specific identification of chiral molecules in multi-component mixtures is extremely challenging. Many established techniques for single-component analysis fail to provide selectivity in multi-component mixtures and lack sensitivity for dilute samples. Here we show how enantiomers may be differentiated by mass-selected photoelectron(More)
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