Ivan Petrovic

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In this paper we present a motion control method for mobile robots in partially known indoor environments based on integration of focussed D* search algorithm and dynamic window local obstacle avoidance algorithm. While focussed D* generates global path, dynamic window local obstacle avoider generates the admissible robot trajectories that ensure safe robot(More)
This paper presents a motion control method for mobile robots in partially unknown environments populated with moving obstacles. The proposed method is based on the integration of focused D* search algorithm and dynamic window local obstacle avoidance algorithm with some adaptations that provide efficient avoidance of moving obstacles. The moving obstacles(More)
PURPOSE To analyse changes of cell inactivation and proliferation under therapeutic irradiation conditions along the proton spread out Bragg peak (SOBP) with particular emphasis on its distal declining edge. MATERIALS AND METHODS HTB140 cells were irradiated at four positions: plateau, middle, distal end and distal declining edge of the 62 MeV proton(More)
An electronic throttle is a dc-motor-driven valve that regulates air inflow into the combustion system of the engine. The throttle control system should ensure fast and accurate reference tracking of the valve plate angle while preventing excessive wear of the throttle components by constraining physical variables to their normal-operation domains. These(More)
PURPOSE To measure the ability of protons and gamma-rays to effect cell viability and cell survival of human HTB140 melanoma cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS Exponentially growing HTB140 cells were irradiated close to the Bragg peak maximum of the 62 MeV protons or with 60Co gamma-rays with single doses, ranging from 8 - 24 Gy. Cell viability using the(More)
In this paper an optimal load-frequency controller for a nonlinear power system is proposed. The mathematical model of the power system consists of one area with several power plants, a few concentrated loads and a transmission network, along with simplified models of the neighbouring areas. Firstly, a substitute linear model is derived, with its parameters(More)
Equipping mobile robots with an omnidirectional camera is very advantageous in numerous applications as all information about the surrounding scene is stored in a single image frame. In the given context, the present paper is concerned with detection, tracking and following of a moving object with an omnidirectional camera. The camera calibration and image(More)
Inspired by the Witkowski’s algorithm, we introduce a novel path planning and replanning algorithm – the two-way D* (TWD*) algorithm – based on a two-dimensional occupancy grid map of the environment. Unlike the Witkowski’s algorithm, which finds optimal paths only in binary occupancy grid maps, the TWD* algorithm can find optimal paths in weighted(More)
We present a method for real-time computation of clothoid coordinates that guarantees bounded approximation error over a wide range of clothoid parameters provided that the clothoid's orientation change and length areReal-time approximation bounded. It is shown that coordinates of clothoid with any parameters can be computed from those of a single clothoid(More)