Ivan Petkovic

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Both in medical information system development and upgrade project, we often face with a challenge of creating large number of reports and data collection forms. In order to reduce our efforts in this segment of system development, we tried to use various code generation and reporting tools. The main problem with standardized tools were lack of flexibility.(More)
Having experience with different traditional and agile methodologies in medical information system development and upgrade projects, we support the statement that no single methodology can be used with its full potential in all cases. Instead, mentioned methodologies have their own place in complex software projects and within certain category of(More)
The properties of one-dimensional superconductors are strongly influenced by topological fluctuations of the order parameter, known as phase slips, which cause the decay of persistent current in superconducting rings and the appearance of resistance in superconducting wires. Despite extensive work, quantitative studies of phase slips have been limited by(More)
Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma has been recognised as a distinct entity with unique clinical, pathologic, and genetic features. According to WHO 2008 classification it is marked as a variant of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma but shares characteristics with classic Hodgkin lymphoma. Genetic analysis has shown that amplification of the 9p24.1 region(More)
Mantle cell lymphoma has been recognized as a distinct entity from the other non-Hodgkin lymphomas in middle 1990's. It carries a worst prognosis among all mature B-cell malignancies. Cyclin D1 and recently SOX11 are the hallmarks for this disease. Even if it is highly responsive to induction treatment, it remains incurable, since it inevitably relapses.(More)