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Engineering design and development of new products, which are either industrial products, technical innovations, hardware or software, often contain a very complex set of relationships among many coupled tasks. Controlling, redesigning and identifying features of these tasks can be usefully performed by a suitable model based on the design structure matrix(More)
Having experience with different traditional and agile methodologies in medical information system development and upgrade projects, we support the statement that no single methodology can be used with its full potential in all cases. Instead, mentioned methodologies have their own place in complex software projects and within certain category of(More)
Both in medical information system development and upgrade project, we often face with a challenge of creating large number of reports and data collection forms. In order to reduce our efforts in this segment of system development, we tried to use various code generation and reporting tools. The main problem with standardized tools were lack of flexibility.(More)
— Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is an increasingly popular multimedia service which is used to deliver television, video, audio and other interactive content over proprietary IP-based networks. Video on Demand (VoD) is one of the most popular IPTV services, and is very important for IPTV providers since it represents the second most important revenue(More)
Many very difficult problems in applied mathematics and other scientific disciplines cannot be solved without powerful computational systems, such as symbolic computation and computer graphics. In this paper we construct two new families of the fourth order iterative methods for finding a multiple real or complex zero of a given function. For developing(More)