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Research on event-related potential (ERP) correlates of auditory deviance-detection in newborns provided inconsistent results; temporal and topographic ERP characteristics differed widely across studies and individual infants. Robust and reliable ERP responses were, however, obtained to sounds (termed 'novel' sounds), which cover a wide range of frequencies(More)
Leslie H. Sherlin, Martijn Arns, Joel Lubar, Hartmut Heinrich, Cynthia Kerson, Ute Strehl, M. Barry Sterman Neurotopia, Inc., Los Angeles, California, USA Nova Tech EEG, Inc., Mesa, Arizona, USA Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Tempe, Arizona, USA Research Institute Brainclinics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands Department of Experimental Psychology,(More)
When a stretch is imposed to activated muscles, there is a residual force enhancement that persists after the stretch; the force is higher than that produced during an isometric contraction in the corresponding length. The mechanisms behind the force enhancement remain elusive, and there is disagreement if it represents a sarcomeric property, or if it is(More)
The goal of this study was to develop a system to experiment with sarcomeres mechanically isolated from skeletal muscles. Single myofibrils from rabbit psoas were transferred into a temperature-controlled (22 degrees C or 15 degrees C) experimental chamber, and sarcomeres were isolated using precalibrated glass microneedles that were pierced externally,(More)
The main goal of this study was to evaluate the dynamics of sarcomeres during isometric activation of skeletal muscle myofibrils. Rabbit psoas myofibrils (n=14) were attached between a pair of cantilevers for force measurements at one side and a rigid glass needle at the other side, and their images were used for measurements of individual sarcomere lengths(More)
The mechanisms of contraction are intrinsically connected to -sarcomere mechanics during muscle activation and relaxation. This chapter presents two sets of experiments performed with (1) myofibrils, in which individual sarcomeres in series can be evaluated during contractions, and (2) mechanically isolated sarcomeres. When activated at optimal length(More)
Protein arginylation mediated by arginyltransferase (ATE1) is essential for heart formation during embryogenesis, however its cell-autonomous role in cardiomyocytes and the differentiated heart muscle has never been investigated. To address this question, we generated cardiac muscle-specific Ate1 knockout mice, in which Ate1 deletion was driven by α-myosin(More)
Intravenous drug users constitute a group at risk for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Today, no data are available on the molecular epidemiology of HCV in Bulgaria despite the fact that in recent years the incidence of acute hepatitis C infection among Bulgarian intravenous drug users increased sixfold and about 2/3 of them developed a chronic infection.(More)