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An efficient algorithm, based on the LDL factorization, for computing {1, 2, 3} and {1, 2, 4} inverses and the Moore–Penrose inverse of a given rational matrix A, is developed. We consider matrix products AA and AA and corresponding LDL factorizations in order to compute the generalized inverse of A. By considering the matrix products (RA)R and T (AT ),(More)
The sparse data structure represents a matrix in space proportional to the number of non-zero entries. Many storage formats have been proposed to represent sparse matrices. In this paper we evaluate and compare the storage efficiency of various sparse matrix storage formats, and consider the performance results of matrix-vector multiplication using these(More)
There are serious problem for storage sparse matrix due to west of memory used for storage the non-zero values which represent more than 90% of sparse matrix. There are many algorithms suggested for solving this problem. A new storage method for large sparse matrices was presented in this paper based on quadtree. The suggested algorithm utilized the idea of(More)
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