Ivan Nunes

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The paper describes a novel neural model to estimate electrical loss in transformer according to the energy consumption (load curve). The network acts as identifier of structural features on electrical loss process, so that output parameters can be estimated and generalized from an input parameter set. The model was trained and assessed through experimental(More)
—This paper presents a method based on the particle swarm optimization algorithm applied to estimate harmonic components in radial distribution feeders. It is important to mention that this method is not applied as harmonic state estimator, neither to estimate the total harmonic distortion at the substation. So, the proposed method can be employed to(More)
Globalization has affected the organizations in different aspects such as structure, architecture, internal/external strategies and sourcing management. Outsourcing is one of the recent business strategies used to provide IT needs via external agents. The relationship between the service buyer and provider companies is a constituent playing a significant(More)
the course of their evolution, anurans have colonized a great diversity of microhabit types (Pertel et al., 2006). Most species of amphibians are nocturnally active, a habit that allows these mesophilic animals to avoid being exposed to higher temperatures and lower atmospheric humidity experienced during the day (Duellman and Trueb, 1994; Pombal, 1997).(More)
Artificial neural networks are richly connected networks of simple computational elements modeled on biological processes. Systems based on artificial neural networks have high computational rates due to the use of a massive number of these computational elements. Neural networks with feedback connections provide a computing model capable of solving a rich(More)
An approach based on neural networks to the navigation control of mobile robots is presented in this paper. The problem of driving a mobile robot to a goal in an unknown environment is formulated as a neural control problem in which local information are used to make steering and velocity decisions while the robot is moving. The artificial neural network(More)
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