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Biomedical research has been revolutionized by high-throughput techniques and the enormous amount of data they are able to generate. In particular technology has the capacity to monitor changes in RNA abundance for thousands of genes simultaneously. The interest shown over microarray analysis methods has rapidly raised. Clustering is widely used in the(More)
Globalization has affected the organizations in different aspects such as structure, architecture, internal/external strategies and sourcing management. Outsourcing is one of the recent business strategies used to provide IT needs via external agents. The relationship between the service buyer and provider companies is a constituent playing a significant(More)
the course of their evolution, anurans have colonized a great diversity of microhabit types (Pertel et al., 2006). Most species of amphibians are nocturnally active, a habit that allows these mesophilic animals to avoid being exposed to higher temperatures and lower atmospheric humidity experienced during the day (Duellman and Trueb, 1994; Pombal, 1997).(More)
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