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General predictive models do not provide a measure of confidence in predictions without Bayesian assumptions. A way to circumvent potential restrictions is to use conformal methods for constructing non-parametric confidence regions, that offer guarantees regarding validity. In this paper we provide a detailed description of a computationally efficient(More)
Steganography is collection of methods to hide secret information (" payload ") within non-secret information (" container "). Its counterpart, Steganalysis, is the practice of determining if a message contains a hidden payload, and recovering it if possible. Presence of hidden payloads is typically detected by a binary classifier. In the present study, we(More)
The paper presents the analysis of various mathematical models for dynamics of isolated population and for competition between two species. It is assumed that mortality is continuous and birth of individuals of new generations takes place in certain fixed moments. Influence of winter upon the population dynamics and conditions of classic discrete model(More)