Ivan N. Bastos

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Several experimental measurements are expressed in the form of one-dimensional profiles, for which there is a scarcity of methodologies able to classify the pertinence of a given result to a specific group. The polarization curves that evaluate the corrosion kinetics of electrodes in corrosive media are an application where the behavior is chiefly analyzed(More)
Dynamics of surface roughness during polycrystalline pure iron electrodissolution is investigated at constant current density by means of ex situ atomic force microscopy. The scaling of the local surface width reveals that surface kinetic roughening is anomalous with both the exponents of local roughness, alpha(loc) , and growth, beta , close to 1 pointing(More)
Titanium alloys are used in biomedical implants, as well as in other applications, due to the excellent combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. However, the tribocorrosion resistance of titanium alloy is normally not satisfactory. Therefore, surface modification is a way to improve this specific performance. In the present paper,(More)
The kinetic roughening of dissolving polycrystalline pure iron has been studied. A depth analysis of surface images has shown two consecutive growth regimes characterized by different scaling anomalous properties: an initial intrinsic anomalous scaling evolving in the thick film limit towards the theoretically conjectured faceted anomalous scaling. This(More)
Photocured dental resins are used extensively in restorative procedures in dentistry. Inadequate curing reduces the lifetime of the dental restoration, and consequently it is essential to precisely measure the polymerisation kinetics. In this study, two techniques, Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS), were used to monitor(More)
This paper presents the adhesive strength results of FeCr and FeCoCr deposits produced by electric arc thermal spray process on carbon steel plates. Five chemical compositions were tested to give a large panel of possibility. Coatings were characterized by several methods to result in a performance screening. The main assessment of microstructural(More)
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