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BACKGROUND & AIMS Different parameters are considered predictors of bleeding and death in alcoholic cirrhosis. The aim of this study was to establish the prognostic value of a prospective and sequential evaluation of portal pressure, variceal size, and Pugh's score in portal-hypertensive patients with alcoholic cirrhosis but no previous bleeding. METHODS(More)
Lattice reduction has important applications in very diverse elds of both mathematics and computer science: computer algebra, cryptology, algorithmic number theory, algorithmic group theory, MIMO communications, computer arithmetic, etc. The LLL algorithm allows one to reduce a basis to a 'good basis' (as de ned by Lovász in [1]) in polynomial time. However(More)
The algorithmic facet of euclidean lattices is a frequent tool in computer science and mathematics. It mainly relies on the LLL reduction, making worthwile efficiency improvements. Schnorr proved that the LLL algorithm can be speeded up if one computes approximations to the underlying Gram-Schmidt orthogonalisations. Without approximations, these(More)
Caesarean sections are performed with an ever increasing frequency, and their morbidity rate due to infection varies between 35 and 40 per cent. The effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis has been demonstrated in caesarean sections with a high risk of infection, but few studies have been devoted to caesarean sections without this high risk. The purpose of(More)
Results Patient is a male age 21 yo, without relevant past medical history and class I NYHA. Six months prior to diagnosis presented he several episodes of syncope like symptoms and chest pain, that limited his physical activity. Preemployment medical evaluation revealed a systolic murmur III / VI throughout the precordium with radiation to the neck,(More)
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