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Extreme programmers have confidence in their code if it passes their unit tests. More experienced extreme programmers only have confidence in their code if they also have confidence in their tests. A technique used by extreme programmers to gain confidence in their tests is to make sure that their tests spot deliberate errors in the code. This sort of(More)
An XP team delivers what the customer asks for and is collectively responsible for successful delivery. This can lead to two problems. The first is technical: there can be a lack of innovation because the customer does not necessarily explore options that are technically possible but not currently required. Consequently, cutting-edge knowledge may be slowly(More)
We report the development and testing of simulation software, which, combining self-consistent Brownian dynamics and Drift Diffusion simulation techniques in a single simulation domain allows the simulation of the effect of ions and charged molecules on the current flowing through a sensing FET. For sensory applications an aqueous solution is introduced(More)
To obtain the high quality software, there is a use of Mutation testing to measure the quality of our test suite. Fault insertion based techniques have been used for measuring test adequacy and testability of programs. Mutants are generated by introducing the faults in the original program. Tests Cases are adequate if they detect all the mutants. This paper(More)
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