Ivan Mikaelian

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Lysosomal regulation is a poorly understood mechanism that is central to degradation and recycling processes. Here we report that LAMTOR1 (late endosomal/lysosomal adaptor, MAPK and mTOR activator 1) downregulation affects lysosomal activation, through mechanisms that are not solely due to mTORC1 inhibition. LAMTOR1 depletion strongly increases lysosomal(More)
We previously identified a peptide aptamer (named R5G42) via functional selection for its capacity to slow cell proliferation. A yeast two-hybrid screen of human cDNA libraries, using R5G42 as "bait," allowed the identification of two binding proteins with very different functions: calcineurin A (CnA) (PP2B/PPP3CA), a protein phosphatase well characterized(More)
The Ras GTPase-activating protein RasGAP catalyzes the conversion of active GTP-bound Ras into inactive GDP-bound Ras. However, RasGAP also acts as a positive effector of Ras and exerts an anti-apoptotic activity that is independent of its GAP function and that involves its SH3 (Src homology) domain. We used a combinatorial peptide aptamer approach to(More)
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