Ivan Martincek

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Intermodal interference in photonic crystal fibres, single mode over long lengths, is measured over a short length. Akin to conventional fibres, this poses a potential problem for practical device utilisation of photonic crystal fibres. We note that given the existing widespread fabrication capability of this fibre and indications that some commercial use(More)
We present an optical interference method as an efficient tool for high quality oneand two-dimensional periodic structure fabrication for photonic applications. Different types of two-dimensional periodic structures are prepared using a two-beam interference technique by double exposure process. also the patterning of an au layer deposited on glass and GaAs(More)
A method for determination of the volume fraction in binary liquid mixtures by measurement of the equalization wavelength of intermodal interference of modes LP(01) and LP(11) in a liquid core optical fiber is presented in this paper. This method was studied using a liquid core optical fiber with fused silica cladding and a core made up of a binary silicon(More)
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