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Processes count to the most important assets of companies. Ensuring the compliance of processes to legal regulations, governance guidelines, and strategic business requirements is a sine qua non condition to controlling business behavior. Implementing business process compliance requires means for modeling and enforcing compliance measures. In this work, we(More)
SOA properties are then verified according to two steps: the first is performed by the pi-Diapason virtual machine that allows the extraction of all possible execution traces, while the second is done by the analyser, which allows properties expressed using logic-Diapason to be checked over all the previously extracted traces. In addition to this formal(More)
—This paper deals with the problem of localizing and tracking a moving speaker over the full range around the mobile robot. The problem is solved by taking advantage of the phase shift between signals received at spatially separated microphones. The proposed algorithm is based on estimating the time difference of arrival by maximizing the weighted(More)
In this work, we present a conceptual framework for deriving executable business process models from high-level, graphical business process models based on the paradigm of Service-Oriented Architectures and Semantic Web technology. We hereby envision a direct, but implicit link from a business analyst's view on a process model to its execution driven by an(More)
— In this paper we study the problem of tracking an arbitrary number of people with multiple heterogeneous sensors. To solve the problem, we start with a Bayesian derivation of the multiple-hypothesis tracking (MHT), and, under certain assumptions, we arrive to the joint probabilistic data association filter (JPDAF). In their original derivation, both the(More)
One of the main problems when creating execution-level process models is finding implementations for process activities. Carrying out this activity manually can be time consuming, since it involves searching in large service repositories. We present Maestro for BPMN, a tool that allows to annotate and automatically compose activities within business(More)