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The formation of coherently strained three-dimensional ~3D! islands on top of the wetting layer in the Stranski-Krastanov mode of growth is considered in a model in 1 1 1 dimensions accounting for the anharmonicity and nonconvexity of the real interatomic forces. It is shown that coherent 3D islands can be expected to form in compressed rather than expanded(More)
Accounting for the anharmonicity of the real interatomic potentials in a model in 1+1 dimensions shows that coherent 3D islands can be formed on the wetting layer in a Stranski-Krastanov growth mode predominantly in compressed overlayers. Coherent 3D islanding in expanded overlayers could be expected as an exception rather than as a rule. The thermodynamic(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine morphologic changes in the olfactory tubercle (OT) spiny neurons and astrocytes in schizophrenia (Sch) by means of quantitative 3-D Golgi and immunocytochemical studies. STUDY DESIGN Free-floating vibrotome sections of postmortem brain tissue from 10 controls and 12 Sch cases were used for Golgi study and glial fibrillary acidic(More)
In 57 patients with recurrent tachycardiac attacks in whom the empiric medical drug treatment failed to prevent the attacks electrophysiological examination was carried out in order to specify the type of the tachycardia. This was followed up by a serial testing of drugs. In 41 patients an antiarrhythmic drug (or a combination of drugs) was found which(More)