Ivan Luiz Marques Ricarte

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More people than ever before have access to information with the World Wide Web; information volume and number of users both continue to expand. Traditional search methods based on keywords are not effective, resulting in large lists of documents, many of which unrelated to users’ needs. One way to improve information retrieval is to associate meaning to(More)
The Coordination of interdependencies between tasks in collaborative environments is a very important and difJicult endeavor. The separation between tasks and interdependencies allows f o r the use of different coordination policies in the same collaborative environment by changing only the coordination mechanisms that control the interdependencies. This(More)
The coordination of cooperative workflows occurs in parallel to the definition of a common communications infrastructure among organizations. In this paper, we present a library of coordination mechanisms modeled with Petri Nets. These mechanisms specify and control the interaction between workflow processes. The separation between activities and(More)
PURPOSE We wanted to describe family physicians' use of information from an electronic knowledge resource for answering clinical questions, and their perception of subsequent patient health outcomes; and to estimate the number needed to benefit from information (NNBI), defined as the number of patients for whom clinical information was retrieved for 1 to(More)
 The configuration of theoretical courses complemented by "hands on" laboratories has been shown effective to internalize theory, give concrete context and enhance skills. However, learning the "hands on" tools dispenses usually unaffordable time; that is particularly true for computer programming, since the amount of programming language taught during(More)
Implementation of novel learning scenarios frequently implies the adoption of new interaction paradigms provided by new media. Changes on media bring several issues to educational metaphors, such as deciding which characteristics should be maintained, removed and improved. This paper discusses these issues by means of a case study comparing evolving(More)
Collaborative learning supported through computers seems to be very promising, since advances in computational technology enable the widespread use of tools such as bulletin boards, chats, whiteboards and even video-conference. However, it is not clear which approach for on-line learning – individual or collaborative – is more effective for the students.(More)