Ivan Lavallée

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In this paper, we consider a connected undirected graph with n nodes. An asynchronous dist r ibuted algori thm is described which determines a spanning tree of the graph. Moreover, if the edges of the graph are weighted, the same algorithm can compute a minimum-weighted spanning tree. This algori thm can be favourably compared to the one of Gallagher et al.(More)
This paper presents an asynchronous distributed algorithm for solving the maximum flow problem which is based on the preflow-push approach of Golberg-Tarjan. Each node in graph initially knows the capacities of outgoing and incoming adjacent arcs, the source nodes knows additionally the number of nodes in graph. Nodes execute the same algorithm, and(More)
We introduce in this paper a competitive unsupervised clustering algorithm which has two strong features: it is fast and flexible on the processed data type as well as in terms of precision. Our approach has a computational cost, in the worst case, of O(n^2)+ ε, and in the average case, of O(n)+ ε. This complexity is due to the use of ultrametric(More)
We propose in this paper a generalization of percolation processes in Z using the pretopology theory. We formalize the notion of neighborhood by extending it to the concept of proximity, expressing different types of connections that may exist between the elements of a population. A modeling and simulation of forest fire using this approach shows the(More)