Ivan L. M. Ricarte

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Many documents stored in digital libraries and document database include geographic references within their texts typically by means of place names. These geographic references can be associated to knowledge to help improve related retrieved documents. For example, in a meteorological document collection the climate knowledge can be associated to the(More)
With the Semantic Web progress many independently developed distinct domain ontologies have to be shared and reused by a variety of applications. The use of ontologies in information retrieval applications allows the retrieval of semantically related documents to an initial users' query. This work presents a fuzzy information retrieval model for improving(More)
– With the World Wide Web popularity the information retrieval area has a new challenge intending to retrieve information resources by their meaning by using a knowledge base. Nowadays ontologies are being used to model knowledge bases. To deal with knowledge subjectivity and uncertainty fuzzy set theory techniques are employed. Preceding works encode a(More)
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