Ivan Kulikov

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Understanding urban structures and processes is increasingly important as cities become the home of more of the earth’s population. This paper describes the use of a study area in Los Angeles, California to test the potential for integrative use of Interferometric Synthetic Aperature Radar (IFSAR) and Airborne Visible / Infrared Imaging Spectrometer(More)
We used a mobile eye-tracking system (in the form of glasses) to study the characteristics of visual perception in decision making in the Prisoner's Dilemma game. In each experiment, one of the 12 participants was equipped with eye-tracking glasses. The experiment was conducted in three stages: an anonymous Individual Game stage against a randomly chosen(More)
To provide for a stable acoustic contact between the sensor and the surface of the eye it is proposed that the echoophthalmograph "Echo-21" be equipped with a sensor of new design, made in the shape of a capsule containing a 0.5% dicain solution that is moving freely in the vertical direction inside a hollow fluoroplastic cylinder. The capsule, together(More)
The authors stress upon the various functional, physiological and cosmetic disorders in patients with frontal continuat resection of the lower jaw. Their experience in the treatment of eight patients with frontal resection reveals the advantages of the two-part prosthetic constructions, consisting of one fixed part blocking the teeth and one removable part(More)
To obtain a beam of polarized deuterons, a cryogenic source "Polaris" has been developed according to the program of. research at the Dubna synchrophasotron '''. The source is installed on a high-voltage terminal of the linac preaccelerator, A beam of deuterons from the source is accelerated in the synchrophasotron'^/. At present the source is being(More)