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Virtual machines provide flexible, powerful execution environments for Grid computing, offering isolation and security mechanisms complementary to operating systems, customization and encapsulation of entire application environments, and support for legacy applications. This paper describes a Grid service ¿ VMPlant ¿ that provides for automated(More)
Authorship analysis on computer software is a difficult problem. In this paper we explore the classification of programmers’ style, and try to find a set of characteristics that remain constant for a significant portion of the programs that this programmer might produce. Our goal is to show that it is possible to identify the author of a program by(More)
This paper analyzes a network-based denial of service attack for IP (Internet Protocol) based networks. It is popularly called SYN flooding. It works by an attacker sending many TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection requests with spoofed source addresses to a victim’s machine. Each request causes the targeted host to instantiate data structures out(More)
This paper describes the architecture of the first implementation of the In-VIGO grid-computing system. The architecture is designed to support computational tools for engineering and science research In Virtual Information Grid Organizations (as opposed to in vivo or in vitro experimental research). A novel aspect of In-VIGO is the extensive use of(More)
Computer security professionals and researchers do not have a history of sharing and analyzing computer vulnerability information. Scientists and engineers from older or more established fields have long understood that publicizing, analyzing, and learning from other people's mistakes is essential to the stepwise refinement of complex systems. Computer(More)
The notion of Computer Policy is fundamental to the study of computer security models, the analysis of computer vulnerabilities, the development of intrusion detection tools, and the development of misuse detection tools. Security only makes sense in relation to security policies that specify what is being protected, how it must be protected, who has access(More)
In this paper we show that it is possible to identify the author of a piece of software by looking at stylistic characteristics of C source code. We also show that there exist a set of characteristics within a program that are helpful in the identi cation of a programmer, and whose computation can be automated with a reasonable cost. There are four areas(More)