Ivan Kraljevski

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Keywords: Frame selection Noise-robust speech recognition Variable frame rate Variable frame length a b s t r a c t This paper presents a method that combines variable frame length and rate analysis for speech recognition in noisy environments, together with an investigation of the effect of different frame lengths on speech recognition performance. The(More)
Obesity and overweight are big healthcare challenges in the world's population. Automatic food intake recognition algorithms based on analysis of food intake sounds offer the potential of being a useful tool for simplifying data logging of consumed food. High inter-individual differences of the users' food intake sounds decrease the classification accuracy(More)
This paper deals with basic principles for projecting and building of speech synthesizer for Macedonian language, based on concatenation of speech segments. The structure of general speech synthesis system is described and there are details about the specific features of Macedonian language important for the speech synthesis, like sound and vowel system and(More)
This paper presents a cross-language development method for speech recognition and synthesis applications for Macedonian language. Unified system for speech recognition and synthesis trained on German language data was used for acoustic model bootstrapping and adaptation. Both knowledge-based and data-driven approaches for source and target language phoneme(More)
This paper deals with the acknowledgements for data modeling of the educational content objects according to SCORM specifications and their use in additional educational functionalities, like e-testing systems. There is also a description of a prototype of learning management system which manages educational content objects according to the described data(More)
This present paper aims to answer the question whether forced-alignment speech recognition can be used as an alternative to humans in generating reference Voice Activity Detection (VAD) transcriptions. An investigation of the level of agreement between automatic/manual VAD transcriptions and the reference ones produced by a human expert was carried out.(More)
The present paper investigates the automatic detection of word-initial glottalization phenomena (glottal stops and creaky voice) in German-accented English by means of HMMs. Glottalization of word-initial vowels can be very frequent in German-accented English, as well as in German. Detection and classification of glottalization phenomena is useful in order(More)