Ivan Kelly

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Practical systems must often guarantee that changes to the system state are durable. Examples of such systems are databases, file systems, and messaging middleware with guaranteed delivery. One common way of implementing durability while keeping performance high is to use a log to persist updates to the system state. Such systems use the log to reconstruct(More)
An appealing solution to scale Web search with the growth of the Internet is the use of distributed architectures. Distributed search engines rely on multiple sites deployed in distant regions across the world, where each site is specialized to serve queries issued by the users of its region. This paper investigates the problem of assigning each document to(More)
The data in large-scale data stores is distributed over hundreds or thousands of servers and is updated by hundreds of clients, where node crashes are often frequent. In such environments, supporting transactions is critical to enable the system to cope with partial changes of faulty clients. The behavior of the system when accessed by concurrent(More)
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