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Practical systems must often guarantee that changes to the system state are durable. Examples of such systems are databases, file systems, and messaging middleware with guaranteed delivery. One common way of implementing durability while keeping performance high is to use a log to persist updates to the system state. Such systems use the log to reconstruct(More)
In this paper, we introduce Omid, a tool for lock-free transactional support in large data stores such as HBase. Omid uses a centralized scheme and implements snapshot isolation, a property that guarantees that all read operations of a transaction are performed on a consistent snapshot of the data. In a lock-based approach, the unreleased, distributed locks(More)
20 studies which have examined the relations between completed suicide or attempted suicide and suicide threats with the synodic lunar cycle are reviewed. Most studies indicated no relation between lunar phase and the measures of suicide. The positive findings conflicted, have not been replicated, or were confounded with variables such as season, weekday,(More)
12 studies are reviewed that have examined the relationships among crisis calls to police stations, poison centers, and crisis intervention centers and the synodic lunar cycle. On the basis of the studies considered it is concluded that no good foundation exists for the belief that lunar phase is related to the frequency of crisis calls. In addition, there(More)
Martens, Kelly, and Saklofske in 1988 examined 21 studies considering the possible relationship between lunar periodicities and birthrate. They reported that the majority of studies uncovered no relationship and that the positive studies were inconsistent in their findings. The present update reports on six additional studies on birthrate and lunar(More)
An appealing solution to scale Web search with the growth of the Internet is the use of distributed architectures. Distributed search engines rely on multiple sites deployed in distant regions across the world, where each site is specialized to serve queries issued by the users of its region. This paper investigates the problem of assigning each document to(More)
This paper describes a hardware to support distributed associative memories, in particular the ADAM neural network architecture. The system is designed to support a large number of moderately sized ADAM memories on a distributed memory MIMD architecture. The system addresses the issues of weight paging to allow neural networks of very large size to be(More)