Ivan Kapyrin

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We suggest here a least-change correction to available finite element (FE) solution. This postprocessing procedure is aimed at recovering the monotonicity and some other important properties that may not be exhibited by the FE solution. Although our approach is presented for FEs, it admits natural extension to other numerical schemes, such as finite(More)
We present applications of the nonlinear monotone finite volume method to radionuclide transport and multiphase flow in geological media models. The scheme is applicable for full anisotropic discontinuous permeability or diffusion tensors and arbitrary conformal polyhedral cells. We consider two versions of the nonlinear scheme: two-point flux approximation(More)
The set of constraints Mx ≥ 0 represents here the monotonicity relations of the form xi ≤ xj for a given set of pairs of the components of x. The corresponding row of the matrix M is composed mainly of zeros, but its ith and jth elements, which are equal to −1 and +1, respectively. The most challenging applications of (1) are characterized by very large(More)
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