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5 The availability of huge amounts of multimedia documents requires a careful design and an efficient implementation of multimedia retrieval systems Storage, retrieval and browsing of not only textual, but also image, audio and video files MPEG-7 standard for describing multimedia documents using machine-consumable metadata descriptors Multimedia retrieval(More)
There is a critical need to automatically extract and synthesize knowledge and trends in nanotechnology research from an exponentially increasing body of literature. Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs), such as nanomedicines, are continuously being discovered and Natural Language Processing approaches can semi‐automate the cataloging of ENMs and their unique(More)
On-demand public transport satisfies many of the needs that traditional public transport, with fixed predetermined routes and schedules, cannot fulfill. Both schemas are able to work together, as it is discussed in this paper, being on-demand services a good alternative in the areas and time intervals where low demand makes fixed routes unsustainable. This(More)
Multimedia information retrieval is vital for, among many other fields, design and engineering processes. Studies show that members of product development teams spend more and more time for information gathering and have less and less time for the creative aspects of their work. Here the combination of the still emerging Semantic Web [1] technologies and(More)
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