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In this paper, inventory management system for water supply network is presented. Considering the existing experience in telecommunications network management area, we have made comparison between basic aspects of telecommunications network management and water supply network management. As a first step, we have detected the need for developing water supply(More)
Main goal of research in this paper is to improve city infrastructure resilience capacity as well as management process of water supply network. Namely, water supply network is located over the wide city area, typically managed by company established for that purpose owned by city government. Water supply network is very important part of the city(More)
Fault management function mostly rely on SNMP protocol and SNMP agent capabilities, where SNMP agents are implemented over different network elements. Structure of management information is described in Management Information Base (MIB) for every single SNMP agent class. Hence, integrated management systems needs to implement different SNMP managers capable(More)
Services provided by telecom operators rely on operator’s network infrastructure. We can consider parts of telecommunications network as resources used for service providing. Global network problem is represented as sequence of alarms. Sources of alarms are network elements, in this context – service resources. If given alarm sequence is filtrated and(More)
One of the most important criteria for evaluation of voice service quality is blocking probability - statistical probability that telephone connection cannot be established due to insufficient transmission resources in circuit switched network. Transmission path is established through number of network elements connected by transmission links with(More)
Network operators providing integrated service that includes fixed telephony, Internet access and television are faced with need of management system integration. It is needed in order to achieve complete picture of current service quality as well as service quality trend. Namely, while own access network as well as and HFC (hybrid fiber coaxial) network(More)
In this paper, a comparison of Internet of Things protocols used for data transfer in Internet of Things constrained networks is presented. Setting up such a network with a large number of physical interconnected IoT devices can be a challenge. In the IoT world, one of the key challenges is to efficiently support M2M communication in constrained networks.(More)
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