Ivan H Stockley

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Warfarin is the most commonly prescribed oral anticoagulant and is used in the management of thromboembolic disease. The practitioner is regularly faced with the need to prescribe concurrent antimicrobial therapy, either as prophylactic cover or in the therapeutic management of existing infection. Much has been written about the possible influence of(More)
Prescriptions for nitrates issued during a 6-month period in the Nottingham Health District were used to estimate the prevalence of patients thought to have angina who might potentially require specialist investigation and treatment. The 15,451 prescriptions issued were for 6856 patients. Of these, only 435 were known to hospitals. The general practitioner(More)
BACKGROUND Preventing the use of medications where there is the potential for serious drug-drug interactions or drug-disease interactions (contraindications) is essential to ensure patient safety. Previous studies have looked at the incidence of prescribing contraindicated drug combinations, but little is known about the underlying reasons for the(More)
A pocket size "slide-rule" type device designed to be used by physicians, pharmacists and nurses as a memory aid on potential drug-drug interactions is described. Color-coded symbols on the device indicate both the type and clinical significance of the potential interactions involving 56 drugs or groups of drugs.