Ivan Grubisic

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Several approaches have been introduced to interpret, in terms of high-resolution structure, low-resolution structural data as obtained from cryo-EM. As conformational changes are often observed in biological molecules, these techniques need to take into account the flexibility of proteins. Flexibility has been described in terms of movement between rigid(More)
With recent technological developments, modern computing systems are becoming more and more powerful. Common computers are capable of calculating more than 50,000 million instructions per second. Currently the biggest obstacle in computer usage is slow communication between the human and the computer. With innovation and development of novel (natural based)(More)
The IR emissivity of human skin is extremly high and measurements of infrared radiation emitted by the skin can be converted directly into accurate temperature value. This process is known as Body IR Thermography. Skin temperature increase associated with increased vascular flow and increased metabolism. In this paper a novel multi-resolution real-time 3D(More)
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