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Location-based services are mobile network applications of growing importance and variability. The space of location technologies and applications has not yet been fully explored, perhaps omitting some important practical uses. In this work we present the prototype SS7Tracker platform, an active, non-intrusive, GSM Cell-ID-based solution to network-based(More)
Statement Hereby I confirm that this thesis is my own work and that I have documented all sources used. Herewith I agree that my thesis will be made available through the library of the Computer Science Department. Abstract Virtual agents are essential representatives of multimodal user interfaces. This thesis presents the IVAN system (Intelligent(More)
Multimodal user interfaces are becoming more and more important in humann machine communication. Essential representatives of such interfaces are virtual agents that aim to act like humans in the way they employ gestures, facial expression, posture and prosody to convey their emotions in face-to-face communication. Furthermore, if we employ a presentation(More)
The mobile communication industry has experienced huge growth in recent years, which amplified the competition among telecommunication companies. This inspired the search for new means of GSM network optimization that would bring better signal coverage and thus competitive advantage. One of the possibilities is active tracking of inroamer location in order(More)
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