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The modification of a highly sensitive method for the determination of the concentration of dissolved oxygen in liquid culture media and in water is described. This modification permits the easy conversion of the relative readings of electrode membrane transducers for measuring the partial pressure of oxygen into the readings characterizing the absolute(More)
Accumulation of E. coli enterotoxin in the Finkelshtein's culture medium in growing the cells in a 30-litre reactor was studied. Accumulation of active highly molecular enterotoxin occurred in the course of a 6-hour cultivation of E. coli, strain P-99 (O141: K85ab; K88ab: H4) in the fluid medium under aeration. Oxygen utilization, synthesis and release into(More)
The physiological activity of pneumococci under different physico-chemical conditions of deep cultivation in a liquid culture medium has been studied. The culture has been shown to achieve its maximum physiological activity under the conditions of neutral pHn-7.0) and the minimum content of dissolved oxygen in the medium. The addition of 5-11% of CO2 to the(More)
A system of oxygen-glucose inverse relationship is not acceptable for cultivation of typhoid bacilli with a high reproductive rate and glucose utilization. The elaborated method of automatic glucose supply during typhoid bacilli cultivation permits to lead the process under the optimal conditions by pH and the residual glucose concentration.
The present investigation, carried out with the use of S. pneumoniae as a model, has shown that the kinetics of cultivation processes depend on the preparation of the seed culture. The use of the seed culture, taken at the end of the exponential phase of growth, leads to high initial and maximum specific growth rates and a shorter lag phase, high(More)
The addition of the vitamin B complex into the culture medium enhances the productivity of the process ensuring the yield of biomass. The presence of the vitamins of this complex in the culture media intensifies the synthesis of some macromolecular compounds and prolongs the period of the physiological activity of the population.
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