Ivan Godler

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Actuation and control of robotic hands is one of the difficult problems in mechatronics that still needs to be solved. In this paper we present a kinematic analysis of a robotic finger that is actuated by twisted strings mechanism, which we named Twist Drive. The principle of actuation is briefly described in the paper and a structure of the developed(More)
A goal of our research is to produce a light-weight, low-cost five fingered robotic hand that has similar degrees of freedom as a human hand. The joints in the fingers of the developed robotic hand are powered by a newly proposed strings transmission named “Twist Drive”. The transmission converts torque into a pulling force by using a pair of strings that(More)
In this paper, we describe the concept, design and implementation of a series of autonomous mobile soccer robots, named "Musashi" robot, which have a mechatronics modular architecture, to participate in the RoboCup middle-size league. In this design methodology, we show that the selection of a proper moving mechanism, a suitable vision system and a(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose of the study was to use a computer simulation of various surgical techniques for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) to study graft biomechanics. To ensure the normal function of the cruciate ligament and, consequently, normal kinematics of the knee joint, the complex structure of the normal ACL must be built into(More)
Actuation and control of robotic hands is one of the problems in engineering that still needs to be satisfactorily solved. In this paper we present a robotic finger actuated by twisted strings mechanism that we call Twist Drive. A principle of the proposed actuation is described and its basic characteristics are presented. The structure of a developed(More)